Frequently Asked Questions

Understand How The Pod Works.


How Do I SignUp?

Click here to create an account to join the pod.
Fill details and your social media handles
(minimum of 500 followers on each platform)

How Do I Engage?

Login to the Dashboard and click on Tasks
Engage and earn Vees(cash)

How Do I Cash Out?

Download the vbank app and create an account (required account for payment)
Withdraw your earnings anytime.

How Do I Buy Engagement?

Login to the Dashboard and click on Buy Engagements
Follow the procees to purchase and pay for the engagement you want
the rest will be taken care of

"I am not able to withdraw"

Make sure its is above the limit of withdrawal (5000) and that you have sufficient funds.
If it persists, contact the admin

How can I make billions here?

Bros chill first

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